We grow marijuana. We are your neighbors, your parents, your plumbers, physicians, teachers, nurses. You can bet every type and kind of person grows marijuana in America.

WA state is renowned for great bud since 2001 when the 9-11 terrorist attacks closed the borders with Canada and Mexico increased attention to pot smuggdrug-against-warlers bringing in hundreds of tons of Canadian marijuana.  Remember BC Bud? When it went away many of us started growing the herb to fill demand. That’s when micro-growing, specifically hydroponics, took off. There are thousands of us in Washington now who grow marijuana.  The money generated from small grow ops like mine is saving our economy.

Most likely you’ll never know we’re potheads and/or growers because we live in secrecy.  In the real world we are simply regular law-abiding citizens going to work, raising a family with Christian values, volunteering in the schools. You know, ordinary folk. I myself taught computer software in a real school and I was always high.  The last thing I did before facing a class of 20 students in the morning was smoke a bowl of my own basement grown herb (BlueBerry in those years, I remember fondly because David gave me the strain). I had a great time and nobody ever knew I was stoned. I figured if I  am always stoned that is my default state of mind.

“If God didn’t want us to grow cannabis He wouldn’t have given us basements.”

In WA state we are blessed with a plethora of houses with basements. I bet within a 3 block area in some neighborhood there are 5 grow ops.  There’s 2 on my block.  This is how we live in Washington. Remember marijuana is our top cash crop.

This is our economy.  Would Metaline Falls or any town in the mid-valley have survived without growing marijuana and selling it on the “Black Market”. The Black Market is the local grocery store owner, the gas station guy and the elementary school teacher too because cash to pay them is coming into their town. Right now I know of several local neighborhood bars where a tip for the bartender or waitress is often a sweet nug.

Appreciation foWATCHINGr cannabis was born out of the anti-VietNam War movement and left-wing philosophies of the 1960s Peace & Love Flower Children hippie-era. The flower being the sacred herb. Remember? Love was the answer. Make love, not war. We smoked a lot of Mexican pot back then, didn’t have anything to compare it to. The pot grown today is so very excellent because “we” have been growing it and providing supply on the Black Market all these many years.

In the “real world” the people who support the War on us potheads, growers, dispensary owners have the power and influence in government and the “Establishment” to lock us out of the prosperity. There is a great deal of comparisons to the way the Authorities have tried to annihilate our Alternative Community during the war on Drugs with the treatment of native Americans in the 1800s.

As an identifiable socio-economic group, we are The HeadNation, we have been persecuted, rounded up, our kids taken away, our providers thrown in prison. It is clear after reading I-502 verbiage, legislation reports and the moronic, amazingly unrealistic regulations the WA State Liquor Control Board has implemented there will be difficulties with the State-Controlled grab for marijuana business, power and profit .

We need to watch them as they are watching us.  Infiltrate their lunch rooms and gyms and churches.  Listen to their opinions and perceptions of legal marijuana so we can save medical marijuana in the legal challenges to come.

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