The Drug You should be paranoid. They really are out to get you.War has done more to screw up peoples’ lives by saddling them with Class C felonies, jail time and, of course, confiscation and seizure of our personal belongings. Marijuana has put millions of people into the judicial system for no other reason or “crime” than “possession” of a small amount of dried flower. (That’s what marijuana is, you know.)

It is a Schedule 1 substance only because the unscientific politicians decided after Viet Nam that too many of our soldiers came back different thinkers, more peaceful people because they smoked some of the best pot (in the 1960′s and 1970′s) on Earth.  Anyone remember Thai Sticks? OK, that’s a ridiculous stereotype  but I know first-hand Cambodian hash helped my brother from going off into dark places. It helped his PTSD.

Keep checking back to this blog as we will be keeping up with changes in the laws as well as research and anecdotal information from around the world. Millions of people like to smoke marijuana and I know there’s going to be some very interesting stories to tell.

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