The War on Marijuana

by dcb

10.09.14 Spokane I’m seeing folks all over the world fighting the War on Drugs and we’re making advances in practice and law, mostly on the State and local levels.There is so much confusion about pot being “legal” now in Washington State. The police in Seattle are cool. The police in Spokane, and a lot of towns and cities in WA, not so cool. 0 Intolerant. They are also really, really scary. Spokane stick-fig-pot-300is 30 miles from the Idaho border. Regardless of WA laws, when you cross into that very Red State be aware.

Post Falls. WA, is probably the 2nd most Police-Wired surveillance program in the country. Big plus for Post Falls as Washington is a marijuana state and Idaho is definitely not. Cameras are trained to capture license plates on the I-90 going east because it’s a straight shot from here to the mid west. As a drug smuggling route, Post Falls got Federal grant money for this program from Homeland Security and DEA.

I don’t know if the program has been kept up, with cut-backs and changing political attitudes, but as a pothead I always assume cameras are on me when I’m in public.  I don’t go to Idaho.

What I’m wondering is how the Idaho State Patrol, Post Falls and the Feds are reacting to the fact that now – with pot legally purchased in Spokane, virtually any car with any humans in it are potential “drug smugglers”.  That is, if there are 4 adults there could be up to 4 ounces of a Schedule 1 Controlled Substance in the car. That’s a Federal crime. That means arrest, jail, seizure of your car. More $$ from Drug War Grants in addition to selling off all your possessions. If they want, as the law stands, they can legally seize anything of value at the time of arrest.

It will be up to you to prove your possessions were legally purchased.  Gotta hire a lawyer. A really good lawyer because, if they decide to charge you, getting a felony on drug-smuggling convictions ruins all chance of scholarships, school-aide, public assistance, jobs, housing, your future.

Message to New Drug Warriors: Don’t speed, swerve lanes, on I-90 into Idaho. Make sure your rear lights work – that’s enough for them to pull you over. Don’t stink like pot.


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