Chances Are You May Meet Up With One of These!

Police-man-clipart1 Spokane, WA -  Unpleasant and potentially serious encounters with the police over marijuana possession will likely continue if the following story is any indication of business as usual.

A 19-year old woman was arrested by WA State Patrol on suspicion of carrying less than one ounce of marijuana, cash, baggies and a scale.  Although she was in possession of 6 grams less than allowed for personal, recreational use under I-502 regulations, but she was also in possession of the always-suspicious baggies and scale.  She was also traveling with an undisclosed amount of mother-corpsecash which was seized  and confiscated for probable cause as were her car, a box of her Grammie’s antique jewelry, animation computer software and a flash drive.

She is facing the same legal penalties as for dealing heroin, cocaine and LSD.

The suspect refused to allow the Trooper to search her car. Eventually, after the Trooper called her mother and convinced her he had evidence that the “fresh smell of marijuana was coming from her [daughter's] car” and it would go easier on the young woman if her mother allowed the search even without a warrant.

The young woman faces a Class C felony which carries a potential 5-year prison sentence and a $10,000 fine.- just for possessing baggies, a scale, some money and 22 grams of pot she bought legally at a state-sponsored marijuana retail store.

If she had student aid, she doesn’t anymore.  If she had food stamps, she doesn’t anymore.  If she had a job working with children, the disabled, the elderly, she doesn’t anymore.

Moral of this story:The police don’t care where you bought your bud. They’ll still put you in jail, take your stuff and basically fuck up your life if they can.  When it comes to the cops, be respectful, be quiet. Don’t make any sudden moves.

10 Reasons to End the Drug War – Consider Legalization & Regulation.

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, a group of law enforcement officials opposed to the war on drugs, created this list to show why the War on Drugs has been one of the most disastrous policies in American history.

1. Mass Incarceration
2. Racial Bias In Arrests
3. Asset Forfeiture
4. America’s Heroin Epidemic
5. The Breakdown Between Police and the Community
6. Mexican Drug Cartel Violence
7. The War on Women
8. The Entrapment of Minors
9. SWAT Raids Kill People and Family Pets
10. The Drug War Spends Tax Dollars

Source:  BuzzFeed Community

The War Goes On!

Medical trials for Veterans and PTSD which could help with treatment-resistant veterans with debilitating PTSD has beenposter-1 scrubbed, booted out the door  It has taken Dr. Sisley several years of bureaucratic, red-tape, studies and impact statements – doing everything  the feds asked for but at the last minute (less than 3 weeks before the trials were officially to begin ) the University of Arizona summarily fired her.  Her work was criticized in the community and her standing as an ethical scientist was condemned.  The study was cancelled. This is what she said:

7-2-14 – “Any physician who’s also a human being can’t rest when we know that there’s something out there, in this case a plant, that has the potential to reduce human suffering.”

The University of Arizona fired Sue Sisley, a researcher in the psychiatry department, without warning or explanation. Sisley planned to lead a clinical study of marijuana as treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder in combat veterans and UA had agreed to play host.

Sisley has been vocal in recent months about the importance of US policy change when it comes to medical marijuana and she told the LA Times she thinks her termination has everything to do with her research and “personal political crusading.” She said she suspects she drew the attention of Republicans who control university funding.

“This is a clear political retaliation for the advocacy and education I have been providing the public and lawmakers,” Sisley told the Times. “I pulled all my evaluations and this is not about my job performance.”

As a psychiatrist and physician focused on internal medicine, Sisley regularly treats first responders and military veterans with PTSD. After years observing and speaking with patients she learned many of them were using marijuana to successfully manage their symptoms.

leaves-flagSisley told in February that the need for psychiatrists to better understand and treat PTSD is dire, “not just for combat vets but for all our citizens who are plagued by this.” Sisley noted that 22 veterans kill themselves per day in the U.S. according to statistics from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

As a psychiatrist and physician focused on internal medicine, Sisley regularly treats first responders and military veterans with PTSD. After years observing and speaking with patients she learned many of them were using marijuana to successfully manage their symptoms. Sisley was excited at the opportunity to conduct the PTSD study, which would look at cannabis’ effect on 12 treatment-resistant combat veterans with PTSD.

Source: from article by  April M. Short

[Blogger's comment:] Holy Toledo! We can’t even get research done to better understand and prove scientifically how and why cannabis helps treat physical and mental diseases and conditions. We know that. But, THEY don’t.

story.marijuana[1]I bet the powers that pull strings were actually terrified that vets with PTSD would get marijuana for medicine.  OMG, that’s precisely what happened during the Viet Nam War in the 1960′s. Our brave, heroic soldiers who went to Indonesia expecting to kill for some theoretical idea that Viet Nam was ripe for Communism. Gotta stop the Domino (effect) Doctrine – which is the basis for our loss of over 50 thousand warriors??

So our soldiers get over there and discover cannabis, hash and (sadly) heroin. TheyObsolete started to get stoned and all of a sudden their mindset shifts to peace, man, peace. Maybe we shouldn’t be napalming Vietnamese children and women and men and old folks and …. whew, that is something I hope to God to never see again. (ed. note: The same atrocities most likely happened in Iraq when we occupied their country but They learned not to televise it.)

When our warriors came home after that deadly and brutal war they were different.  They joined anti-war movements and went to protests as a “Vet for Peace” member.  They weren’t straight Republicans anymore! They knew what they had seen. And, they knew they wanted to stop it.

But, the warmonger’s in WA DC could not tolerate this shift in spirit. Heck, smoking pot was an integral part of the whole 1960′s anti-government  movement. Now, in 2014, They suddenly realized “OMG, what if this marijuana study turns out very positive… that marijuana is an excellent treatment for PTSD … uh, oh, our Vets will be getting high! Yikes!”  OK, that sounds ridiculous. But, why else would they kill the research and kick the researcher out?

I know what I have witnessed for almost 50 years in the War on Drugs and in the medical marijuana community, especially as a grower who was raided twice, arrested, strip searched, put in jail overnight, and finally had to plead guilty to two felonies – manufacture of a controlled substance and possession with the intent to deliver.

LEAP_1 I told the judge when she sentenced me to nothing – no jail time, no fine, no probation, no community service (for growing 189 marijuana plants in my basement) that it needs to be called “Cultivation of a Controlled Substance” because only God can manufacture a plant. She actually apologized to me as she was leaving the bench by saying “I am so sorry this happened to you.”

Cannabis is a miracle plant.  One researcher suggested that cannabis may very well be the aspirin of the 21st century (I forget who said this).  It has so much hidden wisdom about how it chemically treats/cures diseases and disabling conditions, all information we need to know.

It is said that Buddha lived on one cannabis seed a day.  If this is true, shouldn’t we be investigating it?

I ask this question then: Who are They so very frightened they refuse to know the truth?  How can we let people suffer when we know we can help them?

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