Spokane Legal Pot Shops

Stopped in to the 2 WA state permitted pot stores that are open in Spokane and it was an experience like night and fhcsar3tday.  At the first store, once I made it clear I was researching and going to be writing about their store and blogging (gasp) their names and such, the co-owner shut down and could hardly wait to get me out the door. No, I could not take photos, no, they have nothing to say about the topics of my posts. One of the budtenders had no experience in the cannabis industry and it was clear I was making her nervous.

This is just an observation, but I doubt the co-owner I met had never smoked pot in her life nor does she understand the cannabis community, particularly the medical marijuana community in Spokane.  She expressed herself as just another straight business woman, in it as a simple investor. The store itself expressed this same attitude. One room with a line ribbon, an ATM machine, and display cases and product hanging on the wall.  Not too much conversation with customers.  When I was there at 3:30 they’d had 106 transactions 9.22.14.  The ambiance was somewhat like a convenience store. In and out – kinda like a traditional drug deal. friend-weed

The 2nd legal pot shop, located within blocks of the first, was the opposite experience.  Beautiful store with waiting reception area – Buddha statues, Jimmi Hendrix posters, John Lennon IMAGINE images on the wall. Simple. Elegant. Both the receptionist and budtender knew their stuff about marijuana and how it’s grown and were more than willing to share their knowledge with customers. They are educators for new customers who will come back again and again. And, tell their friends who will become loyal customers after their first visit. This store and the folks who created it and work there “get it’.

They understand that there is a vibrant, affluent medical marijuana community in Spokane based on spiritual respect for the sacred herb. Humans have been smoking marijuana for thousands of years for many reasons, for curative and palliative medicine to mind-enhancing spiritual experiences to laughing hysterically on the living room floor for no apparent reason to enjoying communion with friends and family.

Sharing cannabis, passing the joint or pipe amongst the group has always been a communal ritual (as well as a private affair). Do you really believe Native Americans had tobacco in their peace pipes? This store expressed that philosophy. I haven’t even talked about their exquisite glass art bongs, pipes and the superior pot they are selling ….  Peace/ Out 9.22.14  16:40