SCP-200-logoThe first “safe” cannabis product was delivered in May 2016 to Satori 502 cannabis retail store, Spokane, WA, by Joe Rammell of New Day Cannabis. Newport WA. The “safe cannabis” certification, symbolized by the Safe Cannabis Project logo on the label, guarantees that the product has been tested for pesticides and the results are accurate. The seal with a “T” means the cannabis has trace residue of pesticides well below safe levels. An “N” on the seals signifies the product has no traceable pesticides.

Alongside the approved logo there is also a QR code (scan bar) which directs the consumer to the lab report for each product. The Safe Cannabis Project (SCP) is a group of industry leaders including testing labs, growers, processors and retailers who have been working with government officials, laboratory scientists and industry professionals to develop testing standards and protocols and to design a sampling methodology to ensure accurate and legitimate testing.

The Safe Cannabis Project logo allows consumers to make informed decisions about their purchase of pesticide-tested cannabis products. A key goal of the SCP is also to educate retailers and consumers about pesticide use in general and “safe cannabis”. Currently, there is great concern from consumers, medical marijuana patients and industry experts about pesticides


WA state does not mandate pesticide testing and with this lack of oversight and ambiguous rules, labelling information, including potency levels, may not be accurate and, indeed, may be misleading.

The SCP is working closely with the Washington State Liquor & Cannabis Board (WSLCB) to determine “safe’ levels of pesticides for human consumption. This is a difficult situation as there is a great difference between direct use of pesticides and incidental exposure from environmental ntal pesticides. The Safe Cannabis Project is working to develop standardized guidelines that consumers can trust.

Questions? For more information visit the Safe Cannabis Project website, email or contact Sarah at 208-921-0088.