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Mr. Ganjier himself. AKA Christopher Larson. Great website The Ganjier. The Ganjier’s interview with Dr. Dominic Corva, Exec Director of Center for Cannabis & Social Policy

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For almost 90 years the United States government has waged war on marijuana and the people who like to smoke marijuana (read Mexicans akeep-calms marijuana is Spanish for cannabis). Making marijuana illegal has allowed government authorities, especially the police, to better control and intimidate us. Our Constitutional Bill of Rights has been made a mockery. The cannabis plant has medicinal qualities that we are just now finding out about. Read anecdotal stories from med marijuana patients

The United States government has disallowed unbiased research, adamantly insisting that marijuana should be classified as #1 because “it has no medicinal value” and “it has a high degree of addiction”. At the same time, the US government is taking out patents on certain cannibinoids as “neuron protectorants and antioxidants.” Patent # 6,630,507

We’ve been schnookered. The feds are granting research projects and subsidizing pharmaceutical companies to develop new, very lucrative medicine while they’ve been flat-out flapping their lies at us. Putting us in prison, taking our children away, stealing our belongings didn’t stop growers from growing the plant. More oppressive laws against medical marijuana breeders and growers won’t stop us. Even though the federal government and DEA have raided our homes and persecuted us for years we didn’t stop growing., The War on Drugs is really a government war on its own people..We’re a very lucrative sub-economy. We are the Black Market! .

Silly but Interesting: “We’re the DEA and we’ll do what we want.” This explains why the DEA recently impounded bad-lady250 lbs of hemp seed on their way to the University of Kentucky for research into hemp’s potential applications. Although hemp does not have any psycho-active properties (it can’t get you high if you ingest the seeds). It took some real political arm-wrestling to get the DEA to expedite a controlled-substance permit. Two lawsuits against them may have influenced their common sense a bit, eh?

The DEA has other things to worry about. Like forgetting a man in a holding cell for 5 days without food, water or bathroom facilities. Seems a DEA agent brought him into the room, handcuffed him to a wall, then left. (And they say forgetfulness is a sign of dope-smoking!). The young man recently was awarded $4.1 million to compensate for his injuries and trauma.


bsements-400 Why you’ll never get rid of us. Long before Washington state started permitting growing marijuana under I-502 there have been thousands of home boutique growers and micro-growers who have been supplying the medical marijuana dispensaries and the notorious pot Black Market. The marijuana industry still needs us home growers and we’ll keep growing. .Read More.

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