by Lauren Fallon

While I was growing up, I always stayed clear of marijuana. I didn’t succumb to peer pressure, and I always said “no” to drugs, just like the commercials had taught me. There came a time later in my life though, when saying “yes” would actually improve the quality of my life, rather than fry my brain and reduce my potential like I had always been told.

You see, a few years ago, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. For those who don’t know, fibromyalgia is a syndrome that affects the muscles and other soft tissue in the body. It causes extreme, chronic pain and fatigue, among other things. There is no cure, and it’s only recently that the medical community has realized that this is a real affliction and not just “hysterical women” making it up. The available treatments are, frankly, lacking. The side effects of traditional fibromyalgia treatments can sometimes be worse than the symptoms of the disease itself. Though these medicines are effective for some people, they certainly weren’t helping me.

In an effort to manage my pain and find some relief, I started doing some research with the help of my doctor. Together, we found some evidence that showed medical marijuana to be an effective treatment for fibro symptoms. Luckily, I already lived in an area where medical marijuana had been legalized, so I didn’t have to battle the law as well as my own body.

I started on a cannabis regimen shortly after this discovery and, through a fair bit of trial and error, found a system that works best for me to manage my fibro pain. I use a combination of edibles (to help me sleep through the night) and vaporizing (to provide instant relief) using different strains depending on the day and the severity of my symptoms. This has taken me from barely being able to get myself out of bed in the morning some days to being able to get my daily chores done and stay on top of the laundry most of the time. I also have more energy to share with my loved ones and am in a better mood when I’m not in constant pain all day.

Suffice it to say, medical marijuana has changed my life. Thirteen year old me may be surprised to hear it, but it actually makes me more productive and relieves my pain enough that I’m more motivated to get things done. I’m completely converted. In fact, I now work as a contributing writer at, where I share my knowledge and try to help dispel the stigma surrounding marijuana for people like me who were raised to be wary of it. I’m living proof that marijuana is not the danger to society that overzealous parents and teachers told you it was. It can actually be very beneficial when used responsibly.


Lauren Fallon is a medical marijuana user and freelance writer at She lives in Colorado with her husband and two dogs.