The Mr. Miracle Man Fund is dedicated to the memory of David Van Sczyoc, mmj patient, tireless activist, master grower, true friend to David Van Scyoc, <aster Gardener, MMJ activist & patient, mentor, teacher, friend.  RIPthose fortunate enough to have met him.

When David was 2 years old he survived a gasoline explosion that left him scarred and disfigured.  Although he had the worst injuries I had ever seen he could and did everything for himself. He worked harder than able-bodied folks.

In his 30′s he volunteered each summer at a camp for burned children. He was so kind and willing to help.  He had the worst burns you can have and still live so he helped those newly burned kids with empathy and insight that no one else could offer.

Before his death last year he had applied to volunteer again but the camp had policies and rules against hiring a 2-time felon (manufacture of a controlled substance and possession with intent to deliver -  as Drug Warriors we both had 2 felonies).  I was able to expunge my record after 5 years (by staying out of trouble) so my record is once again clean.  But, David could not afford the money it took to get his record expunged even though it costs a relatively small amount (maybe $800 to $1500).

As with David, there are thousands of Drug Warriors out there who need to get their record cleaned so they can get a job, get a loan, volunteer for good causes. We put our lives on the line for the Medical Marijuana community and we cannot leave these activists and patients with a life-changing stigma.

The passage of I-502 was born out of our movement so our hope is that we can raise money to help people expunge their records of marijuana-related offenses. Especially felonies that totally screw up your life.  If you are such a person, please let us feature your story under “Adopt a Felon” with proceeds going to the fund to help you with the expenses to expunge your record.  You just need to have 5 years between now and your offenses and you haven’t gotten into trouble since.  We are just establishing this Fund and “Adopt a Felon” program so check back to see our progress.


“Adopt a Felon” program

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