“Cannabis may very well prove to be the aspirin of the 21st century.”


My sweet BlueBerry from David.

Marijuana, as an ancient plant, has medicinal properties. That fact has been scientifically proven, particularly the Cannibinoids called CBDs.  So much attention has been put on the chemical THC which causes the psycho-active experience.that very little scientific attention has been paid to the CBDs.

Particularly the one CBD that has neuron protectorant properties that can actually heal nerve endings damaged by disease.  There is a particular strain of marijuana being offered to children with severe, treatment resistant seizures and spasticity in Colorado.  Freelance scientists have been experimenting with a strain low in THC and high in CBDs. Named for the child Charlotte whose parents first tracked down the scientists develosmokingping this strain, administering it to her in oil/liquid form much like cough syrup.. Her seizures have reduced in frequency and severity.  She is doing better with the special cannabis medicine than all the pharmaceuticals out there.

Another family experienced the same thing – a child with seizure disorder but big problem.  They lived in New Jersey where the formula was simply not allowed under law. The family became so desperate they moved to Colorado and their child too has improved with this strain of cannabis taken regularly in proper dosages.

The US government holds the patent for this cannibinoid knowing full well it is a miracle plant with $$$$ in neon lights.  For the Pharmaceutical companies anyway. Because they are heading toward taking the plant, the flower and refining it, processing it so that pills or capsules with verifiable doses can be brought to market.

Medical marijuana will become a term used for the bottles of cannabis soon to be in medicine cabinets around the world.

Marijuana is a Schedule 1 drug meaning it has no “medicinal purpose”.  Good, decent folks have been paying for the governments hypocrisy called the War on drugs.. They make us criminals while they’re planning tweed-candoito “take over” the marijuana plant for freaking medicinal purposes!  They know billions of $$ profit is there for the taking.  Smoking marijuana may even be re-criminalized if the money to fund the war against us comes through.

It can be said the situation with marijuana in WA state is psychotic. The officials, police, DEA, still want to put us in jail.

If in the next 3 years a pharmaceutical company comes up with a “miracle woman-sinmarijuana pill” FDA approved of course, there will be serious opposition to smoking marijuana. “Smoking is bad, don’t ya know?”

We’re going backwards. We’re losing ground. The government really believes they can outlaw a weed and it will go away.  These folks at the WA Liquor Control Board simply have no clue about growing marijuana and the culture that surrounds it.

If I were a conspiracy-theorist I would say they – the power players – are arming themselves to destroy us and take ownership of the sacred plant. Why else a patent unless they know how lucrative this marijuana thing is t the same time they are criminalizing us.

If I were a Chicken Little I’d be runnin’ saying “They’re coming to fuck us up and if we don’t pay attention they’re going to take our business, our medicine and destroy us as a community.”  They don’t understand the social aspect of smoking marijuana. It is a highly social activity – we pass the joint or bowl or bong or vaporizer around. We share our marijuana as a form of communion with family and friends.