is the website of attorneys Frank Cikutovich and Pat Stiley (best lawyers on God’s Earth!) based in Spokane, WA.  Quote “Stiley & Cikutovich, PLLC: two troublemakers with law degrees, causing most of our trouble in Spokane and Eastern Washington, but licensed to practice before the United States and Washington State Supreme Courts, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, the Spokane and Colville Tribal Courts, and all inferior courts in Eastern Washington.”Pat-frank-1

We will lose money any day to fight bigotry and discrimination, whether it’s in housing, employment, marriage, or criminal persecution.”

frank-1Frank Cikutovich chairs our criminal law section. Whitecollar crime or blue, talk to Frank before you talk to law enforcement. Whether you’re harassed by the Federal government for Medical Marijuana, or by your in-laws for importing B.C. bud, you’d best even the playing field with a free consultation with Frank. Murder, robbery, assault, etc., may require an additional appointment.

Pat Stiley chairs our Worker’s Compensation section. He’s a Jack of all trades, master of none, and probably over the hill. Check the antiquity and diversity of his reported cases. If you’ve sustained an industrial injury, been charged with Medicaid overbilling, sunbathed naked in bigotville, or just caused too much trouble, call Pat. He’s probably done it, too.”


Their office number is 509.323.9000