We are neighbors. We are friends. We are marijuana growers.
We are the Black Market.

Stop-the-drug-WarLong before Washington state started permitting growing marijuana under I-502 there have been thousands of home boutique
growers. We are the micro-growers who have been supplying the medical marijuana dispensaries and the notorious pot Black Market.

Most growers have space in their homes, garages, basements to grow anywhere from 4 to 60 plants.Anyone can grow weed, it takes a master gardener to grow great bud.  It’s complicated, expensive and precise. Not everyone can do it but if you can and you have your medical marijuana recommendation then it is a highly positive experience. In Washington state a patient can grow up to 15 plants and be legal.

Nothing in I-502 recommends shutting down the medical marijuana dispensaries that have been operating responsibly  for years.Lady-grow-room-6  However, the Washington state legislature is writing laws that will force all dispensaries to close and re-criminalize all home growers. This is something to watch for next session.

There are at least 10 grow stores in Spokane. Can the police force them all to shut down since it’s obvious it’s grow equipment and supplies they’re selling? No. Does the public want tax-payer money pay to prosecute a 63 year old woman for growing medicine in her own home. No. For one thing my lawyer, the renowned pot defense attorney Frank Cikutovich, wouldn’t allow it.

Are we heading for a show-down with the legislature? If they pass laws making us home-growers criminals again and they force the shutdown of our medical dispensaries it looks to me like a clear signal the Drug War is escalating.

“If God didn’t want us to grow cannabis, He wouldn’t have given us basements”..

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