Tommy Chong: True to Character

From Federal Prison to Dancing With the Stars

Tommy Chong tokes a doob with Cheech arin looking on.

Special tribute to Tommy Chong, toking a doobie with a “Free Marc Emery” t-shirt,  with movie partner Cheech Marin. Chong is a famous Veteran of the War on Marijuana. He was arrested for making glassware and bongs but he was charged with Rico Act “Conspiracy to commit manufacture, etc., etc.” He spent 9 months in Federal Prison. He has written several books – my favorite: “The I Chong: Meditations from the Joint.

The I Chong: Meditations from the Joint

First Convicted Drug Warrior

Samuel R. Caldwell, first convicted Federal felonfor growing pot.Mug Shot: Samuel R. Caldwell, first convicted Federal felon for growing pot, 1930′s.

Marc Emery

Prince of Pot, Drug Warrior. Served 5 Years in US Federal Prison for Selling Americans Mail Order Marijuana Seeds.

Free at last!! 08.08.14

Marc Emery, Prince of Pot, Finally Free from5 years in US Federal Prison
Marc Emery, BC Canada’s “Prince of Pot” and founder of Cannabis Culture Magazine is finally free from US Federal Prison where he spent 5 YEARS serving on a charge of “Distributing a Controlled Substance by Mail to US Citizens.”  Cannabis seeds. He had a mail-order seed catalog – like thousands of other Ganjapreneurs around the world – but he pissed off the

previous Director of Department of Justice (DOJ) and the DEA went after him like he was a terrorist. They even got the Canadian government to extradite him to US to serve his 5 years. He took it because they threatened to put his two associates into prison. They gave him a deal – he plead guilty, served 5 years in Federal Prison and they faced no charges.

A special honor goes out to his wife, Jodie Emery, who carried on the work of talking & educating people everywhere about their mission and what it means for freedom. As Marc Emery has proclaimed, “Overgrow the Government!!”

Instead of prison dissuading him from the crusade, the time he spent reinforced his beliefs and values. He vows to work harder than ever until cannabis is legal.

Drug War Chronicles

“The first time you smoke, vape, toke, eat the sacred herb you become a Drug Warrior.”

The Drug War has done more to screw up peoples’ lives by saddling them with Class C felonies, jail time … Read More



Uncle Sam says "Legalize Weed. We Need You!

Avoid getting arrested.police-man-clip-art

Possession of marijuana for recreational use may be legal in Colorado and Washington but that doesn’t mean the War on Drugs is over. Maybe in Seattle and Denver, the police will treat marijuana as if its all good now but cops elsewhere, especially in the rural, more conservative parts of the states may very well continue to harass you. They want to arrest you. Don’t give them any reason to.

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War on Marijuana Continues

Until we have prohibition fully lifted in every state we can’t let our guard down. City police, sheriff departments and private prisons are losing big money because of pot  legalization. For years, their budgets were written with asset forfeiture monies factored in.

Since 2000, the value of asset forfeitures is estimated to be over $14 Billion.  Search & seizures are so lucrative because it doesn’t matter whether you are innocent or guilty. They get to keep your stuff either way.  Even if all charges are dismissed they still get to keep your stuff.

Every year they have been taking over $1 Billion worth of our personal assets, our belongings, our property, anything and everything we owned and they wanted.  It became so blatant they’d bring a moving van with the SWAT team on the drug raid  They already knew they were going to empty out the house of furniture, antiques, electronics, paintings, jewelry, stamp collections. Even the freakin’ dog if it was pure bred and had a market value.

Haha!  No longer can they seize your $75K car because they found a roach in your ash tray.

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