by Darlene Brice

Cannabinoid Hyperemesis (CH), a medical condition allegedly caused by marijuana toxicity, made national news Dec 27, 2016. Based on a medical abstract recently published by the National Institute of Health (NIH) there appears to be a strong correlation between cannabis use and CH.

The stated goal of the abstract is “To promote wider recognition and further understanding of cannabinoid hyperemesis (CH).” The title is “Cannabinoid Hyperemesis: A Case Series of 98 Patients”. This is misleading since in the conclusion only 9 people actually finished the study out of a pool of 98 “possible” patients.

The 98 case studies were culled from medical records based on two criteria: presenting with abdominal pain and vomiting (the two major signs of CH) and (self-reported) cannabis use. This is a flawed research technique. Reverse-engineering the data to fit the intended findings is not scientific methodology.

No clinical trials have been conducted, nor has there been any mention and/or research that possibly unsafe levels of pesticides are the real culprit in CH.

Most problematical, however, is that the research was done in 2011 and the abstract was published in Feb. 2012.

Why would the government release a 6 year old study, making it appear like breaking news? Why would the government mislead consumers and/or patients into believing that a proper study was done proving that the prevalence of cases of CH is higher than it really is? Can we trust the government when it comes to marijuana research? No.

Not to say that Cannabinoid Hyperemesis doesn’t exist (although it is highly questionable and needs an independent firm using proper research methodology to confirm.) Pot consumers should be aware of this diagnosis if they experience severe abdominal pain and vomiting with symptoms abating after a hot shower or bath. Stop using pot. If the condition goes away then CH is possible.

(Side Bar: folks experiencing severe abdominal pain and continual vomiting should seek medical attention immediately. A friend had these symptoms and it turned out to be a rare form of colon cancer. It could also be your appendix blowing up.)

Fortunately, the cure for CH (if it does indeed exist) is simple. Stop using pot and the condition disappears. No mention is made that CH causes long-term health issues –certainly, CH does not result in the same physical damage done by drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes.

Research using correct scientific methods needs to be conducted on all aspects of cannabinoids and their physiological, medicinal properties. There will always be a certain percentage of consumers who can’t handle different substances. I get violently sick on even small amounts of alcohol. Tobacco gave me Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Obviously I don’t drink or smoke cigarettes.

I don’t drink milk either since I’m lactose intolerant.
Read the literature.

Cannabinoid Hyperemisis government abstract: