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With prestigious academic credentials and decades of experience with government agencies, BOTEC has been hired by the Washington Liquor Control Board to advise officials on all things pot. The consulting team is led by a UCLA public policy professor and includes a former executive of the company that is solely licensed to supply medical marijuana in the Netherlands. Also included are researchers with the RAND Corp. who will help figure out how much marijuana state-licensed growers should produce.  See Index of BOTEC Reports as published on WSLCB website and republished here for online accessibility.


BOTEC Biographies

Project Leader

Dr. Mark Kleiman, BOTEC, I-502 Analyses Project Leader

Dr. Mark Kleiman teaches public policy at UCLA, and is an expert in many aspects of criminal and drug policy, including probation and parole, incarceration, and marijuana policy. Recent author of “Marijuana Legalization: What Everyone Needs to Know”and co-authored with Jonathan Caulkins, Angela Hawken, and Beau Kilmer “When Brute Force Fails”.




Project Manager

Steven DavenportSteven Davenport, Coordinator BOTEC, B.A. International Development, UCLA Graduate, Center for American Politics & Public Policy, University of California D.C.



Team One:
Product and Industry Knowledge

Mathew Cohen, BOTECMatthew Cohen Founder and CEO, Trichome Intelligence.
Mr. Cohen has operated many different medical cannabis businesses that span all of the seed to sale sectors for the last 15 years Including: Director of the Supply Chain – Harborside Health Center and Co. Founder/Vice Chairman, Emerald Growers Association.



Team Two:
Product Quality Standards and Testing

David Lampach, President, Technological development, Steep Hill Lab. BOTECDavid Lampach, President, Technological development, Steep Hill Lab. Expert in applying technology and analytic instruments most appropriate for testing cannabis samples. Developed the first cannabis safe packaging and labeling protocol in the U.S.




Team Three:
Product Usage and Consumption Validation

Beau Kilmer BOTECDr. Beau Kilmer,  Ph.D Public Policy, Harvard University, Senior Policy Researcher at the RAND Corporation, Co-Director of the RAND Drug Policy Research Center, and Professor at Pardee RAND Graduate School.




Team Four
Product Regulation

Lowry Heussler BOTECLowry Heussler,  JD, General Counsel BOTEC Mass. Dept. of Labor and Workforce Development Board of Review.  Ms. Heussler has co-authored books with Dr. Kleiman concerning drug policy as well as with BOTEC on crime control; she was a research assistant on BOTEC’s Analysis of Cocaine and Heroin Market Structure and for Dr. Kleiman’s “Against Excess: Drug Policies for Results.”




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