David Van Sczyoc, Mr. Miracle Man, Adopt a Felon, RIPThe “Adopt a Felon” program is created to help people with marijuana-related felonies pay to get their records expunged. Being a felon prevents Marijuana Drug Warriors from getting a job, getting a loan, renting a home. Your record affects every part of your life.  Now that I-502 in WA has passed we can’t forget our Fallen Felons who fought the good fight.

The Drug War must end!  They shouldn’t be stuck with felonies on their records when they qualify for expungement.

If you can donate, you can either  Adopt a Felon and/or sponsor this page with your advertising.

Are you a felon and in need of assistance to get your record cleared?  Has it been 5 years since your convictions?

Have you stayed out of trouble during that time?

Were (are) you a grower?

If so, let us know.  Send us your story. Find out how much expungement will cost in lawyer and court fees in your county.

We will be campaigning for donations several ways. This is the main purpose of The Mr Miracle Man Fund.

Stay tuned.

Email: Expunge@CannabisConsumerResearch.com