plant1Possession of marijuana for recreational use may be legal in Colorado and Washington (and soon Oregon, Alaska & WA DC) but that doesn’t mean the War on Drugs is over. Maybe in Seattle and Denver, the police will treat marijuana as if its all good, but cops elsewhere, especially in the rural, more conservative parts of the states may very well continue to harass, detain and try to arrest you. Remember we’re still fighting the War on Marijuana.

1) General rule – Keep quiet. Don’t talk about having a bunch of weed in your pocket, you never know who’s listening. Remember, marijuana is becoming so valuable it makes a good target to steal.

2) If the police get involved really, really keep quiet. You have the Constitutional right not to talk with the police no matter what they say. Oh, and don’t make any sudden moves and keep your hands out of your pockets.

3) Politely ask if you are being detained. If you are not being detained you can inform them that you are leaving. If youWATCHING are being detained ask for your lawyer (even if you don’t have one). All questioning has to stop immediately when you request an attorney.

4) Say no if the police ask to search your car, your belongings or your body without a search warrant. If you are carrying the amount of marijuana as specified under I-502 the cops will have a harder time explaining why they woke up a judge to get a search warrant. Just say “No”.

5) DO NOT toke and drive. By smoking and driving they have probable cause for a “driving while drugged” offense– even without driving impaired, just having the smell lingering from the driver will be a field day for that lucky cop. They will put you in jail.

6) Never carry your stash, baggies and a scale together. That constitutes possession with intent to deliver which is clearly a crime.  Carry very little money because they will take it from you regardless of where the money came from.  Then they will arrest you or detain you.

7) Put the best criminal defense lawyer with experience in pot cases on retainer. Keep his/her number on speed dial.

There are only 3 kinds of people:
Those who believe and those who don’t.

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