Hypocrisy in action. Guess what? The Feds are lying to us.

NORMLThe federal government, more specifically the Health and Human Services Dept holds the Patent # 6,630,507 for a cannibinoid component of the marijuana plant that appears to contain the curative properties of the plant unlike THC that causes the psycho-active, hallucinatory experience.  This particular CDB is an anti-oxident and a neuron protectorant. It has also been found to heal the damaged neuron endings. Research has begun, the process for a new type of drug is up for FDA approval but it takes time. This cannibinoid can be rendered into an exact dose in a capsule. The pharmaceutical mega- companies will have a new drug on the market.  And, it won’t be generic for a long. long time..

At the same time they’re researching the medicinal value of a Cannibinoid and counting their future billions of $$ in sales world wide, the Feds claim marijuana has no medicinal value – the basis for their continuing War on Marijuana.  They’re making bank and we’re going to jail..

Does the State of Washington government really think  they can own and profit from every marijuana plant in the state? No one else is allowed to grow a plant that was given to all of us by God for the use and benefit of us all?