End the Drug War!

We have fought this War on Marijuana long enough. Douglas Hiatt, a Seattle criminal defense attorney and longtime cannabis activist Douglas Hiatt says, “It’s not legal yet,”  in a profane and angry speech at the recent Seattle HempFest.  “We’ve got to be able to grow it. We’ve got to be able to sell it freely. We’ve got to keep it in the hands of patients with no taxes…We’ve got to really legalize it for everyone, every way they need it…Tell the politicians to stop fuckin’ around and get it done!” Source


Recently, a retailer complained to the Washington State Liquor Control Board that the marijuana he purchased from a producer/processor was inferior and he wanted to return it.  By “it” we’re talking maybe 10 – 20 pounds of bud – most likely one producer’s entire crop.  And, it’s bunk.  Unsellable. At the prices the state permitted retailers are selling 1 gram for customers expect excellent product.  Good and stanky and sticky with tight buds. But, what if a crop comes in and it’s crap? It’s another 2 months in flower so it may be months before that producer has pot again for their retailers.  Source Canna Law

Only Organic

There is also the issue of organic. Our pot is always grown organically.  Medical patients rely on that fact – that there are no pesticides or chemicals that can aggravate or injure their illness or condition.  THE WSLCB has approved over 200 pesticides and chemicals that may be used on growing marijuana. Marijuana that will be sucked into our lungs.  We don’t want pesticides, they may not only be harmful to some folks but, if not flushed for a really long time, the pot can taste like shit. Unsmokeable.  What if that happens to retailers? Which it will.  Medical marijuana patients – ask if the pot they are buying from a legal retailer is grown organically.

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