01.08.17 – since the below was written, Trump amazingly won out in the dirtiest presidential race & election in American history. Get ready for the next stage of the War on Marijuana.

Senator Jeff Sessions: appointed by PE-Trump to position of power as payback for being the first Republican senator to support The Donald for President of the United States. I’m thinking a deal was made – Sessions said to Him “I’ll support your candidacy and if you win I’d like to be appointed AG.” Under his breath, “and finally get revenge for the humiliation those mofos put me through in my 1986  federal judge confirmation hearings.

I still don’t understand what’s so wrong with my statement “I used to like the Ku Klux Klan until I learned they smoke pot.”?

Well, the world turns in very strange ways. Trump won (albeit with Putin’s help) so now an avowed anti-pot politician is going to make decisions about states’ rights to legalize marijuana for recreational use. Will it all be dragged through the courts or will Trump et.al. send in the military?


It’s personal now.  No doubt about it, we got screwed.

A dearest friend called tonight to tell me her 22 year old, newly-married, daughter has a rare cancer in her GI tract called Fear is not good medicinea carcinoid tumor. After surgery, no conventional chemo or radiation are needed but this type of cancer is called “slow-motion cancer”, that is it grows over many years which means that she will have to be screened for recurrence the rest of her life. It can show up anywhere, anytime.

Average age of diagnosis is 50 – 60. Mallary is 22! Like Paul says, “None of us are safe.”

Scott, her brother, has been studying medicinal cannabis and the different cannabinoids that cause apoptosis – cell death. Healthy cells die; cancer cells mutate and destroy. Cannabidiol has proven apoptosis properties. Research is finally being “allowed” by our government within very strict rules and laws. The negative energy that gave WA state recreational cannabis was really a ploy by the State to take control over the Medical Marijuana.Movement we Drug Warriors fought long and hard to create and build.

Faith-smTHERE IS NO MEDICAL MARIJUANA IN WASHINGTON STATE SEPT. 2, 2016. ALL DISPENSARIES ARE CLOSED. The powers that be didn’t get it together to bring a single crop of medical marijuana to market. In the 15 years we, the black Market, grew, we never missed a harvest. We never let people like my sweet friend with cancer not get the medicine she needs.

We don’t have any more time to waste waiting for the WSLCB/DOH to get the guidelines out (ones that actually work) so righteous folks in the industry (not the carpetbaggers) are going with Medical-grade recreational products – CBD oils in particular – thus bypassing the State. We know what we’re doing. We’re the ones who have the skills, the know-how and we made it happen over the last several decades.

I’ve been raided twice for growing great bud in my basement but I’ll grow Mallary’s CBD Medicine even if I risk getting a FELONY!

Yes, WA State in SB-5052 made it a felonious crime to “share” your own grown medicine with anyone. No one. It is a Class C Prosper-smFelony to sit with your grower/ patient friends and share a bowl. Their excessively restrictive, ridiculous, unenforceable rules MMJ patients have to follow. Even though there are no official medical marijuana products available “they” are pushing “voluntarily” registering with the WA State Patient Authorization database – all your personal medical information and a declaration of how many plants you intend to grow. The patient gets a card which prevents him/her from arrest.  BUT, f you’re not registered with the State database – even if you have an official Recommendation form from your physician -. the police can still intrude upon your home, car,.family and friends, arrest you, threaten your kids and make you a soldier fighting on the right side of the great, stupid civil war known as the War on Drugs. (Check out LEAP everyone – Law Enforcement Against Prohibition – organization of ex-lawmen who know the damage done by the government is far more dangerous than uncontrollable marijuana).

Forgive-smYou’ll have to excuse me. I’ve had their SWAT team point assault weapons at my cats.  Actually calling and leaving a legal paper trail with the State.about my health & well-being is un-American in my opinion. Once the Authorities get the data from us sheep it’s stored forever somewhere in cyberspace. Big Bro’ Man. It’s happened, it’s here in Washington state. WE LOST MEDICAL MARIJUANA!! I am not a conspiracy freak but this is looking like a new phase of the War on Marijuana because MMJ patients & physicians have more to fear, not less under the new laws.  No doubt about it – we got screwed!

We won the War but lost the Battle????Believe-sm

***  Due to government ineptness, the most important thing right now is to start growing the medicine again, those of us who can. We MUST take the Medicine back!  The Black Market will rise again.

My dearest friend’s child’s entire life depends on it.

“It’s always about the children. Always.”