Washingimage-2ton State has lived through the “legalization” of marijuana for recreational use and we don’t seem to be the worse for wear.  Nothing horrible has dropped from the skies nor have the “evil” ones staked out our children for a life of addiction and depravity.

Although this first store had product that was mediocre and had a chemical after-taste, (ED’s opinion) the attitude among customers was as if their favorite football team had finally won the Super Bowl and it’s time to party down! We’ve waited a long time for this – but we still have a long way to go before us “potheads” and “stoners” and “tokers” prove to straight society that we can function and be creative, productive citizens of our Great State.  The biggest issue the market is facing now is shortage of product. The timing between growers, processors and retail stores has not gone smoothly but this is something we all face like any farmers do.

The temperature has to be right, nutrients and balanced PH are a must if you want to see big, tight buds glimmering with crystal. Many of us have spent years trying this technique or that organic tea or which soils are best, or how much C02 the plants need for optimum flower. I personally learned a lot when I attended High Time’s (magazine) Cannabis Cup and Trade Show held in Amsterdam every Thanksgiving. (This may be changing, however…) Supply & Demand:  When I-502 was being researched for this initiative, they hired a think tank who (sounds like it to me) went out and bought Ed Rosenthal’s “Pot Growers’ Bible” or any of the hundreds of books and magazines out there that go into detail regarding the care and growth of perfect bud.

Pot really, really worth smoking. I always say, “Anyone can grow weed, it takes an artist to grow great bud.  The conclusions and findings that were finally submitted to the State lawmakers were so stupid I wondered if anyone involved in writing it had ever even seen pot, let alone smoked it or, God Forbid, grow it on their own private property.  So much of the “facts” cited were cautionary and just plain unproved. With the State now taking control of the Plant, they’re thinking money. Not how we grow medicine. Hell, they’re not smoking it so why should they care if pesticides or chemicals are used, or inferior nutrients. Stay tuned.

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