Newsflash: Washington is no longer a medical marijuana state, not a single medical marijuana product on the shelves.

All MMJ dispensaries and collectives were closed by the time MMJ was folded into the WA 502 recreational system on July 1. The state set up a patient authorization database but failed to ensure that there were any state compliant medical marijuana products on the market. Nor is there any expectation that MMJ will be available soon – if ever? Now that the government has seized control of medical cannabis, patients are left without their Medicine. We do have lots & lots of recreational marijuana available in case you want to party down.


by D.Brice,

July 1st 2016 was supposed to be far more historic than the 4th of July just 3 days later. The workday slipped away withoutWSLCB-Hi-THC much public fanfare although we all toasted the special event with several dozens of medical marijuana patients and customers last Friday at the cannabis retail store I work for on North Division, Spokane.

Friday, before the 3-day weekend, was busy. Folks didn’t want to get stuck without the herb on a holiday like Independence Day. It was “Celebrate the Medicine” for us in the medical department. The four of us on the team manned a table and offered big green cookies and apple cider, as well as some brochures and hand-outs about the New Medical Marijuana System, which was slated to start July 1.

Night before, WSLB reported that the patient authorization database would be delaying launch – computer glitches of course. According to the DOH website, word went out in October 2015, to 502 retailers, growers and processors that they needed to amp up production of medical marijuana products ahead of the deadline.

Did everyone miss that email in October ?

Here it was July 1, 2016, all the medical dispensaries were closed but no medical marijuana-compliant products made the WSLCB-Hi-CBDshelves that day of any recreational retail store with a medical endorsement that I know of.[Eastern WA]

“I’m confused.” Don’t worry, we all are.

Following is the state’s definition of their “exclusive” list of “High THC compliant products” [Ed. note: these products can only be purchased by authorized patients with qualifying conditions who are part of the database and carry a tamper/counterfeit-proof laminated wallet recognition card issued with the authority and power of the WA State Liquor & Cannabis Board and the WA Department of Health.]

(a) “High THC compliant product” means a marijuana product containing more than ten but no more than fifty milligrams of THC per serving or application and meeting the requirements of this chapter.

(b) The following is an exclusive list of marijuana products that may qualify for classification as a high THC compliant product:

(i) Capsules;

(ii) Tinctures;

(iii) Transdermal patches; and

(iv) Suppositories.

(c) No other marijuana products can be classified as a high THC compliant product or contain more than ten milligrams of active THC per serving or application.

(d) High THC compliant products may be packaged in servings or applications containing up to fifty milligrams of active THC. A unit must not contain more than ten servings or applications and must not exceed five hundred total milligrams of active THC.

(e) High THC compliant products must be labeled “Chapter 246-70 WAC Compliant – High THC” and must use the logo found in WAC 246-70-090 to indicate compliance with this chapter.

(f) High THC compliant products may be purchased only by qualifying patients age eighteen and older and designated providers who are entered into the data base and hold a valid recognition card.

(g) High THC compliant products may be sold only at retail outlets with a medical marijuana endorsement. With regard to testing to ensure consumer safety, the WSLCB adopted rules for pesticide testing. New Day Cannabis, Newport, WA, and owner/operator Joe Rammell’s participation with the Safe Cannabis Project is closer to getting medical-grade product to market than any other Tier 3 grower I know.

Then’s there new testing regulations. Testing is necessary to ensure consumer safety so producers/processors who want to WSLCB-Gen-Useenter into the medical marijuana industry are mandated now to test for heavy metals and mycotoxins. Problem is, only one lab on the Westside can run the tests and deliver lab results that satisfy the WSLCB rules.

I see “bureaucratic bottleneck” and “supply problems” in Washington’s medical marijuana future. To be fair, everyone is frustrated and unsure of what to do or, better stated, how to fix a problem when no one with the decision-making power really understands the reality of producing pot in large quantities.

On May 28, the DOH issued an Emergency Rule Order postponing the July 1, 2016 deadline for medical marijuana compliant products. More hearings will be held July 11 in Kent, WA. The main reasons cited for missing deadline is this:

Applicants for medical marijuana endorsements must stipulate to selling the medical marijuana products identified in this rule, which they cannot do if they do not know what products are medical marijuana products.

Licensed producers must know what to plant for medical grade products, as well as the requirements for allowable trace levels of heavy metals and pesticides, so they properly use fertilizers and pesticides in a manner that protects the safety and health of the qualifying patients.

Licensed producers must have adequate time to grow the specific strains necessary to meet patient needs and licensed processors must have adequate time to convert the harvested plants into products meeting the specifications in the rule.

The certified third-party testing labs must have enough notice of the requirements in these rules to have adequate equipment and training in place sufficiently in advance to have an adequate supply of tested medical grade product on the shelves for qualifying patients on July 1, 2016.

Hey, Lee Iacocca saved General Motors

Yes, but he’d actually driven a car and worked in the auto industry. He was qualified and experienced to run a company of that size in that much chaos. He was good at what he did.

I don’t see anyone of his ability and commitment to keeping excessive government intervention and unrealistic, unworkable regulations from destroying the Medical Marijuana industry before it is allowed to even exist.  C’mon everyone - step up to the bong – waterpipe, whatever.

Who else will save this mess if the solution doesn’t rise from the patient up?

After years of fighting our own country for the basic, human right to decide what we put in our bodies and what we grow on our own property, we finally won the war.

But, we lost the battle.

Medical marijuana dispensaries are shuttered, mmj patients no longer have their authorization. Everything old is null and void. Patients need to see their health care provider and get a signed authorization form (printed only on tamper-proof paper) so that they can visit a recreational cannabis store which now will issue voluntary medical marijuana “recognition” cards (color, laminated, fits in your wallet) so they can purchase  the same product a recreational customer off the street can buy. Huh? Oh, MMJ patients do get the benefit of not paying the 8.8% sales tax on their purchase.

Medical marijuana patients in the state database also get 10% off at the Head Shop next door so they can pick up that bong. Oh, never mind, every customer gets that discount.

I just hope you are not a medical marijuana patient whose dispensary has closed, is in pain and you’re out of Medicine.

Or, maybe you’re a veteran of Iraq or Afghanistan with flashbacks from PTSD or panic attacks from TBI and you’re finally realizing your special medibles, the ones that made the voices quieter, are gone forever.

If you are one of the hundreds of thousands medical marijuana patients in WA state, Independence Day 2016 pretty much sucked, eh?

# # #


“Safe” CannSCP-200-logoabis Hits the Shelves …

The first “safe” cannabis product was delivered today to Satori 502 cannabis retail store, Spokane, WA, by Joe Rammell of New Day Cannabis. Newport WA. The “safe cannabis” certification, symbolized by the Safe Cannabis Project logo on the label, guarantees that the product has been tested for pesticides and the results are accurate. The seal with a “T” means the cannabis has trace residue of pesticides well below safe levels. An “N” on the seals signifies the product has no traceable pesticides.

Alongside the approved logo there is also a QR code (scan bar) which directs the consumer to the lab report for each product. The Safe Cannabis Project (SCP) is a group of industry leaders including testing labs, growers, processors and retailers who have been working with government officials, laboratory scientists and industry professionals to develop testing standards and protocols and to design a sampling methodology to ensure accurate and legitimate testing.

The Safe Cannabis Project logo allows consumers to make informed decisions about their purchase of pesticide-tested cannabis products. A key goal of the SCP is also to educate retailers and consumers about pesticide use in general and “safe cannabis”. Currently, there is great concern from consumers, medical marijuana patients and industry experts about pesticides


WA state does not mandate pesticide testing and with this lack of oversight and ambiguous rules, labelling information, including potency levels, may not be accurate and, indeed, may be misleading.

The SCP is working closely with the Washington State Liquor & Cannabis Board (WSLCB) to determine “safe’ levels of pesticides for human consumption. This is a difficult situation as there is a great difference between direct use of pesticides and incidental exposure from environmental ntal pesticides. The Safe Cannabis Project is working to develop standardized guidelines that consumers can trust.

For more information about The Safe Cannabis Project email or contact Darlene Brice at 509-638-5011. Satori 502 cannabis retail store is located at 9301 N Division, Spokane, WA, and is currently the only store in Washington state to sell “Safe Cannabis” approved products from New Day Cannabis.


509 dot Rocks.

Official launch date of July 1, 2016. the MMJ Hotline and the Cannabis Helpline are just 2 of the partner websites within the 509.Rocks Cannabis Web Publishing Family.  “Our websites serve as a wormhole between the people who have it (producers/processors, retailers) and the people who want it (consumers and medical marijuana patients.)  

We anticipate a lot of questions and confusion as Medical Marijuana folds into the recreational system July 1, 2016 (by then, we will have an 800 toll free number).  The different websites under the brand will serve as a clearinghouse for shared information from the bottom down and versa visa. Consumers have a great deal to say about the kind of pot they want to smoke. Medical Marijuana patients are well-informed and represent a loyal & profitable new customer base for retailers on the front line **. (**We would like to speak to every retailer, grower, processor out there so we can build a working relationship before the gold rush is on.)

The Hotline will be staffed by qualified, trained contractors who work from home. Very much like manning a suicide hotline but the conversations won’t be (fingers-crossed) life & death matters. Instead, the MMJ conversation may begin with  “… I heard that marijuana oil cured that little girl in Colorado of epilepsy. My son has TBI from football. Do you have anything that will stop his seizures?” Or, a very probable question, “OMG. My dog ate my stash!” (Bummer!) intends to be the hub around which doctors and researchers learn about the Medicine from patients who have their own stories to tell. That information is fed up and out via @ 10 websites and their respectives social media accounts. Initial expenses are modest for a canna-service that is not limited by state or state laws. We simply trade in knowledge.

509 dot com

more to come – 04.23.16

Pesticides & Cannabis Consumer Product Safety

Spokane cannabis testing lab now screening for banned pesticide residue on recreational marijuana destined for consumers.

At present, the Washington State Liquor & Cannabis Board does not mandate testing for pesticides on recreational marijuana.  While the WSLCB and Washington Department of Agriculture have approved over 200 pesticides, the vast majority usually connected with cannabis are banned from use.  As consumers become more aware of the situation, the pushback against all pesticide-use is gaining momentum.

Many advocacy groups in the state have been attempting to raise public awareness about the safety of the medical and recreational supply and some have resorted to protesting outside high visibility retail stores to draw attention to the facts.  They are pointing fingers at the WSLCB over the apparent lack of strict enforcement of their own rules and oversight of the states’ 12 approved cannabis labs.

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Cannabis-Consumer-logo-11 READ: Top 10 Legislative Policies for Marijuana Legalization 2016. By Rob Kampia, Executive Director of the Marijuana Policy Project.



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See: Map WA State WSLCB Permitted Marijuana Growers


0.01.16 - Always good, reliable information, news, stats, ideas, 502 analyses from the Center for Cannabis & Social Policy

Trace Analytics - Premiere marijuana testing lab, Eastern WA

Premiere Cannabis & Medical  Marijuana Testing Laboratory

Spokane, WA 509-284-7522

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Growing Pot & Energy

Go-green A 20-year power plan covering the northeast US is taking into account the sizable energy needs of marijuana production. The Northwest Power & Conservation Council said it expects cultivators will require as much as 163 megawatts of power per year by 2035 – the equivalent of what a town with a population of 30,000-40,000 needs.

Source:  Marijuana Business Dailydata:text/mce-internal,

Watch “Take Back the Sun” video about Jeremy Moberg, CannaSol Farms, who is ardent proponent of growing cannabis outside in green houses under the sun. Creates better pot and decreases energy consumption.  It was Jeremy who presented his proposal for outdoor grow ops to WSLCB.

Washington State has 1.5 years experience with the “legalization” of marijuana for recreational use. We don’t seem to be the worse for wear.  Nothing horrible has dropped from the skies nor have the “evil” ones staked out our children for a life of addiction and depravity.  Read More

Zack Sobiech died from cancer at age 18. He wrote song the “Clouds” for family & friends while he was dying.

Clean Cannabis Association


Anyone who has ever grown marijuana knows that bugs can kill or damage an entire crop. In a matter of days mold, different types of mites, thrips, fungus gnats, aphids, and other nasty buggers can wreak havoc in the entire garden causing heavy financial loss.

The WA State Liquor & Cannabis Board approved over 200 different pesticides growers can use to keep the bugs at bay. Big problem. Random sampling of cannabis sold in retail stores are testing positive for pesticide residue. Some industry insiders estimate that possibly up to 70% of the pot legally sold in stores have some level of pesticide contamination.

This is becoming a bigger problem as lawsuits flood the courts in WA & CO. No one wants to smoke or ingest pesticides. It is fast approaching a huge disaster for commercial growers when medical marijuana is folded into the WA state recreational system on July 1, 2016.

Casey Connell of Contender Agriculture has the solution.

By Darlene Brice, Cannabis Consumer Research

Read More

Adopt a Felon

We are continuing the project activist and master grower David Van Scyoc and we were working on when he died suddenly. He was a felon and we decided that we need to help people caught up in the War on Drugs to get their records expunged of marijuana-related felonies. Read More  Are you a felon looking to get your felonies off your records? Maybe we can help. Read More

Sweet-David-1Mr. Miracle Man “David Van Scycoc” is one of those souls you know you will never cross again. When he passed last year, I could only think of myself. How much I miss him, how much he was teaching me, how many in-siders he introduced me to. Poof!  He was gone and I have mourned him as a Brother. We worked so hard to get to this point. He was a soul I will never cross again. I thought he was handsome and beautiful and kinder than anyone I know.  Good Travels, Dear David.  Read More

Please email and join our conversation.  We want as much unbiased information as we can get our hands on. You are aiding an important leap in human health and mental awareness.  We look forward to hearing from you. Blogger/Publisher/Editor/Writer/Researcher



You Never Forget Your Friends.

Ingesting Marijuana Is healthier than ingesting lies!





Keep the Kettle Falls Five Free!!

Update: The Federal trial of the Kettle Falls 5 resulted in a guilty verdict for “manufacture of a controlled substance”. This was expected as the prosecutor had evidence the Kettle Falls 5 were growing marijuana on their own property for medical purposes under WA state Medical Marijuana statutes. The Feds failed to convict them of conspiracy, intent to distribute and weapons charges which have a minimum mandatory sentence of 10 years in Federal prison. Not guilty! This is a win for all Americans who find themselves in the Federal justice system for growing plants. Thank you Kettle Falls 5 for making legal precedence.


Cannabis so good it's Majico!


Rick Freeman, Ph.D., Grow Ecology, Permaculture

@growecology on Twitter

Veterans Research Study

Medical Marijuana, Cannabis, Cannabinoids, Whole Plant Therapy, The Entourage Effect in the treatment of Veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

Veterans please share your story, experiences, opinions for our 1st person documentation. Confidentiality is guaranteed. Cannabis Consumer Research will release more details soon. Send your story to

Indica & Staiva Comparisons

Stress? Anxiety? Endo cannabinoids. From

Cancer is just another word for cannabinoid deficiency.

Mona Lisa smoking a blunt.

 Where Will the $$ Go?thanks-pot

” In Washington state, 80% of the taxes that come in from sale of cannabis is earmarked for prevention, treatment, research and evaluation of the implementation of I-502.  Colorado, on the other hand, has targeted the first $40 million in tax revenue for school construction.” Maria L. LaGanga

Ed Rosenthal “I-502 in WA is not legalization”.  Nothing is legal except possession of under an ounce of State store-bought marijuana.

In Washington State, legalization means possession of 28 grams is legal, 29 is a misdemeanor and 40 grams or more is a felony. Smoking in public is a misdemeanor. Home growing is a felony. The state commission is trying to eliminate medical marijuana as a separate category. Patients will be subject to the same confiscatory taxes as adult users. Driving with a minimum amount of non-intoxicating analog in blood results in a DUI. I call this the “Chauffer Employment Act” because no one who uses regularly can pass the blood test. Read Entire Post   Source:

Will Pot Growers Keep Up? You Betcha!

The Washington State Liquor Control Board capped the cumulative cultivation canopy for growing legal pot at 2 million sq ft. This estimated to bring in 70 metric tons per year.  Problem: WA residents consume 175 metric tons …. Read More

Medical Marijuana Growers Left Out of I-502

As the I-502 initiative is implemented in Washington state ..  Read More

Cannabis and the Elderly

The fastest-growing population of marijuana users in America is the elderly. Marijuana helps with some of the typical problems of aging like no other drug …Read More

We are the Black Market

We grow medical marijuana. We are your neighbors, your parents, your plumbers, physicians, every type and kind of person grows marijuana. We’re just ordinary folk…. Read More.

ThCannaSol-logo-2-120ere are thousands of strains bred over thousands of years so that now we have herb to treat migraine headaches to PTSD to childbirth. Marijuana has been found to be an alternative to opiates and pain pills which kill folks every single day. Here is a variety of cannabis strains from CannaSol Farms that you may find at your local legal pot shop. Grown by Master Gardener Jeremy Moberg, I can attest to the best practices in greenhouse cultivation in WA state.

 Google as much information for yourself. 

Ask questions. Read all different opinions and knowledge. Make up your own mind.


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