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About Time!

by Amanda Reiman, Drug Policy Alliance

“On 01-12-17 the National Academy of Sciences released a comprehensive review of research on marijuana and concluded that marijuana does indeed have medical value.

The review concluded: “One of the therapeutic uses of cannabis and cannabinoids is to treat chronic pain in adults. The committee found evidence to support that patients who were treated with cannabis or cannabinoids were more likely to experience a significant reduction in pain symptoms.

This is not the first time that the scientific community has made claims about marijuana as medicine.”

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Trace Analytics - Premiere marijuana testing lab, Eastern WA

Premiere Cannabis & Medical  Marijuana Testing Laboratory
Spokane, WA 509-284-7522

Pesticides & Cannabis Consumer Product Safety

A cautionary tale: a cannabis consumer contacted me saying a gram of dab he purchased at 502 recreational pot store in Spokane, WA tasted like “burnt plastic”. He was very curious about what he was ingesting. I suggested he take sample to Trace Analytics for pesticide screening.

The results were shocking. This particular product tested positive for Metalaxyl, a state approved fungicide -however, 200ppb is the “Upper Level of Quantification” (considered acceptable trace amount) but this sample came in at a whopping 94,786ppb! I talked with the grower/processor and they were very cooperative BUT my warning to Medical Marijuana Patients – read the labels, ask about pesticide testing.

No one should be sucking up pesticides or fungicides. Most (good) growers are paying attention and are working to produce safe, clean medical-grade cannabis products.

Consumer Beware!


Cure Your Own Cancer  Lincoln Horsley, resources, education to help MMJ patients grow and make their own Medicine.

509-rocks-logo-300We trade in knowledge.

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Overcoming Stigma: Medical Marijuana & Fibromyalgia

by Lauren Fallon

While I was growing up, I always stayed clear of marijuana. I didn’t succumb to peer pressure, and I always said “no” to drugs, just like the commercials had taught me. There came a time later in my life though, when saying “yes” would actually improve the quality of my life, rather than fry my brain and reduce my potential like I had always been told.

You see, a few years ago, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. For those who don’t know, fibromyalgia is a syndrome that affects the muscles and other soft tissue in the body. It causes extreme, chronic pain and fatigue, among other things. There is no cure, and it’s only recently that the medical community has realized that this is a real affliction and not just “hysterical women” making it up. The available treatments are, frankly, lacking. The side effects of traditional fibromyalgia treatments can sometimes be worse than the symptoms of the disease itself. Though these medicines are effective for some people, they certainly weren’t helping me.

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By Darlene Brice, Cannabis Consumer Research

Anyone who has ever grown marijuana knows that bugs can kill or damage an entire crop. In a matter of days mold, different types of mites, thrips, fungus gnats, aphids, and other nasty buggers can wreak havoc in the entire garden causing heavy financial loss.

The WA State Liquor & Cannabis Board approved over 200 different pesticides growers can use to keep the bugs at bay. Big problem. Random sampling of cannabis sold in retail stores are testing positive for pesticide residue. Some industry insiders estimate that possibly up to 70% of the pot legally sold in stores have some level of pesticide contamination.

Miracle Baby

An 8-month old boy was diagnosed with a massive, centrally-located, inoperable brain tumor.  His father did extensive research and started giving the baby daily doses of 3.8% CBD tincture on his pacifier.  Chemotherapy, radiation and surgery had all been recommended by oncologists but after 4 months the brain tumor was gone. At 8 months of CBD therapy the brain structure had returned to normal.   Watch video

Cannabis and the Elderly

The fastest-growing population of marijuana users in America is the elderly. Marijuana helps with some of the typical problems of aging like no other drug …Read More

Adopt a Felon

We are continuing the project activist and master grower David Van Scyoc and we were working on when he died suddenly. He was a felon and we decided that we need to help people caught up in the War on Drugs to get their records expunged of marijuana-related felonies. Read More  Are you a felon looking to get your felonies off your records? Maybe we can help. Read More

Sweet-David-1Mr. Miracle Man “David Van Scycoc” is one of those souls you know you will never cross again. When he passed last year, I could only think of myself. How much I miss him, how much he was teaching me, how many in-siders he introduced me to. Poof!  He was gone and I have mourned him as a Brother. We worked so hard to get to this point. He was a soul I will never cross again. I thought he was handsome and beautiful and kinder than anyone I know.  Good Travels, Dear David.

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Please join our conversation.  We want as much unbiased information as we can get. By sharing your experiences, you are aiding an important leap in human health & mental awareness.  We look forward to hearing from you. Darlene Brice,  Blogger,Publisher,Editor,Writer, Researcher

You Never Forget Your Friends.

Watch “Take Back the Sun” video about Jeremy Moberg, CannaSol Farms, who is ardent proponent of growing cannabis outside in green houses under the sun.

Cannabis vs. Opioid Epidemic

by Michael Horton

Medical practitioners have for the past two decades followed the catastrophic tactic to treat patient’s pain by prescribing ‘intense’ painkiller therapies. For any reason, the United States are in the middle of an opioid epidemic. The abuse of opioids and resulting deaths continue to increase at an alarming rate since the late 1990s.

Accidental opioid deaths continue to increase astronomically; addiction centers are bogged down trying to handle the load. After the long term use  of opioid pills the opiate receptors are slowly muted. As a result, the patient needs more medication because a tolerance to prescriptive medications has developed.

Those who support the use of Cannabis for medical purposes but also scientists have made a case for cannabis Cannabinoid therapy would be a one of the important alternatives and a ray of light to the problem of this epidemic, as it is capable to provide a relief for pain with less overdose risks.

A study by some researchers at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in 2016 reveals that states with medical marijuana laws had 25 percent fewer opioid overdose deaths as compared to states that do not have medical marijuana laws. Medical marijuana provides a safer and less addictive alternative to prescription drugs that are overprescribed as it is.

Cannabis effectively relieves pain such as opioid addiction; it also can take the place of opioids as a pain reliever for both acute pain and chronic pain. Cannabis can equally be used as a supplement or replacement for prescription opioid pain medications and to subdue opioid addiction withdrawal symptoms.

While medical cannabis is less likely to prove a replacement for opioids in all medical situations, it may prove to be a better alternative in the long run for many cases of serious Health Conditions.

Across the nation, a projected 1.4 million patients in 28 states and the District of Columbia use legal medical marijuana to treat different conditions. A comparatively fewer number of patients in 16 states use partial extracts of the plant basically to treat seizure disorders.

In the midst of an opioid crisis, many people are of the opinion that an increased use of medical Cannabis for healing conditions of pain could result in lesser people using the highly addictive prescription painkillers that led to the epidemic in the first place. In 2015, a study in Drug and Alcohol Review showed that 80% of medical marijuana users reported replacing pot for painkillers, 52% admitted to drinking less when taking medical marijuana.

There are more than one ways that Medical Cannabis can be used. It can play a preventive role against opioid addiction, for all those who suffer from pain and risk their health using heavily opioids.

Moreover Cannabis can treat this addiction. A study from Columbia University in 2015 revealed that opioid addicts who were given dronabinol (a medicine that contains the psychoactive cannabinoid compound called THC) stated significantly milder withdrawal symptoms as compared to those that went cold turkey.

A comparable study published in a 2013 issue of the American Journal of Addiction also found reduced withdrawal symptoms, including the anxiety and insomnia that comes from the body detoxing from chronic opioid abuse. Marijuana, it appears, can treat patients before and after they spring into addiction.

It appears that medical marijuana is the drug of future generations as we every day find out different scientific reports that backs a lot of things it does.

Author Michael Horton studied Biology and is a journalist based in Berlin. He has a strong interest in Social Science and the Medical Cannabis Industry.

European Cannabis News

by Nicolas Green  

While a lot of Cannabis-related news usually comes from the Americas every now and then, not often do we hear such news from Europe. Although the pace on the other side of the ocean is slower, it doesn’t translate to the lack of developments at all.

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Don't let these children fall through the cracks. Health is an American Right.

Don’t let these children fall through the cracks.
Health is an American Right. #resist



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